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Chicks are Here!

Chicks are Here!

spring chicksChicks are HERE! Ready to start your flock for the spring? We have everything you need at Buchanan’s in Marshall. Pick up waterers, feeders, heat lamps and bulbs, chick starter and more, right here, today!

Did you know?? Buchanan’s Feed in Marshall can order chicks year round. Lots of folks are raising chickens for eggs now and many have asked us to order year round. Just simply let us know how many you are interested in, and when you’d like to pick them up. We’ll call the breeder and find out availability for you. Not all breeds are available year round.  We can also get geese, turkeys and ducks in the store.  During the spring months, we will  have them in the store where you can stop and pick up without a pre-order, but please note that we’ll always be happy to order them for you year round.  Questions? Give us a call at the store at 903-923-9916.

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