Location: 2501 West Grand, Marshall, TX 75670   |   Phone: 903-923-9916


Buchanan’s has a long and rich history within the cattle industry. Owner Mike Buchanan helped his father run the Longview Sale Barn at a very young age and Manager Keith Ukens worked on ranches in Oklahoma for close to 20 years. With cattle prices going up and little hay for cattle to graze, Buchanan’s understands the need for an affordable cattle feed. Buchanan’s stocks primarily Martindale cattle feed. Many of these feeds offer a higher value for the money. We offer everything from basic cattle cubes to minerals. For a list on the complete line of feed that we carry, please call 903-923-9916.

Many people do not see the value in minerals, and this is because they are not using them correctly. Cattle should be given mineral year round to achieve maximum results. This can also help ranchers avoid the herd getting various types of illnesses and help keep the insects of them during the summer. For more details on feed, please feel free to call us at 903-923-9916.