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Buchanan’s primarily offers baby chicks between Feburary and June; however, we can supply chicks year round upon request. All of our baby chicks come from Ideal Poultry (www.idealpoultry.com)

Our most popular chicks inlude road island reds, dominiques, buff orpingtons, americanas, turkeys, ducks, and geese.

Rode Island Reds



Rhode Island Reds are an old time, well-known American breed, which was developed in the state of Rhode Island. A distinct characteristic of this breed is their horizontal, oblong body, which is deep, broad and long, sometimes described as “brick shaped”. They are an excellent dual-purpose bird that efficiently produces large brown eggs. From the time they are chicks until maturity they may have white on the wing tips, but when they are fully matured they should not have any white feathers.

Standard weights at maturity are males-8 1/2 lbs. and hens-6 1/2 lbs.




Dominiques are one of the oldest American breeds having been plentifully bred as early as 1820. They are a black and white barred bird with the females being slightly darker than the males. Because males are the homozygous sex, they have two barred alleles (BB) and are therefore lighter in color than the females, which are the heterogametic sex and have only one barred allele(B_). Many times customers who want Barred Plymouth Rocks ask for “Dominickers”. Dominiques have rose combs, angular bodies and are smaller than Barred Rocks. They are excellent, efficient producers of brown eggs.

Standard weights at maturity are males-7 lbs. and hens-5 lbs.

Buff Orpingtons



Buff Orpintons, which have rich golden buff plumage are a popular brown egg dual-purpose variety and are sometimes called “Big Buffs”. Because they are loosely feathered, they appear to be much heavier than their true weights. The feathers are broad and smooth fitting on the deep body of this breed. They have a quiet disposition, make excellent mothers and are one of the most broody of all standard breeds. They have white skin, which is an appearance disadvantage when fowl meat is produced.

Standard weights at maturity are males- 10 lbs, and hens- 8 lbs


amer1  amer2


Ameraucanas, known as the “Easter Egg Breed”, are a multicolored breed. They have beards, muffs and a normal tail with a tail head. They are often incorrectly called Araucanas, which have ear tuffs, are rumpless, and do not have a tail head which gives them a bunny tail appearance. Most of the chicks sold as Araucanas are really Ameraucanas, which are excellent, efficient producers of large eggs of many colors and shades including blue and green.

Standard weights at maturity are males-5 lbs. and hens-4 lbs.


Broad Breasted Bronze



Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys are fast growing double-breasted turkeys, which have the beautiful natural color of wild turkeys. Poults must be fed high protein rations, either Turkey Starter or Game Bird Starter, in order for the bone structure to properly develop, which is necessary to prevent leg weakness and deformities. They are the most popular breed of turkeys for the small farm flock. Their dark color produces a dressed carcass that is not as eye appealing as white plumage bird carcasses because of the melanin pigment in the feather follicles. They do not reproduce naturally since the male’s confirmation does not allow for natural mating.

Standard weights at maturity are males-25 lbs. and hens-16 lbs.

They are available only mid February through mid July





Mallard Ducks, sometimes known as “Gray Mallards”, “Greenhead” or “Flying Mallards”, are native to most countries of the Northern Hemisphere. They are widely raised primarily for hunting clubs, gourmet meat, decoration, pets and exhibition.

They are very small with the mature male weighing only 2 1/2 lbs. and the mature duck or female weighing about 2 lbs.


African Geese



Brown African Geese are large, have a knob on the head and the same unique gray color pattern of the Brown Chinese. For many years, because of the similarity of color patterns, Brown Africans and Brown Chinese have been sold as the same breed. Toulouse goslings have a “U” at the top of the bill while Africans and Chinese have an arch. The Africans that Ideal sells do not have dewlaps and are only available from February through June.

Standard weights at maturity are males-16 lbs. and females-14 lbs.