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Lawn & Garden

Buchanan’s carries plants, vegetables, flowers, and seeds. Some items are seasonal; however, we keep a stock of different seeds year round. We also carry different types of fertilizers and herbicides. In certain cases, we can also order specialty fertilizers. Contact us for more information.


There are three numbers on all fertilizers which symbolize the amount of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash (in that order). Nitrogen helps the plants grow; making them leafy. Nitrogen acts as the protein for the plant and is necessary for the plant to process everything it needs. It is also what gives a plant its green color. Phosphorus is critical for the plants root system and the flowering of plants. The potash (potassium) also helps promote root development, regulate the plants metabolism, and helps it with stressful weather.


This fertilizer is best used on grounds that have already been previously fertilized.


This is the most commonly used fertilizer. It can be used for almost every purpose.






Viper Dust

Seven Dust

High-Yield Dust